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Measuring Prevalence of Disrespect and Abuse during Facility-Based Childbirth

Advancing methods and approaches to describe and quantify disrespect and abuse

In order to mobilize resources and efforts in the area of  respectful maternal care (RMC), the problem needs to be concretely defined and the magnitude of the problem assessed. Doing this will allow for progress to be measured against baseline data. 

The TRAction Project is supporting efforts to collect data in multiple contexts and regions to better characterize the problem of disrespect and abuse globally. Measuring the prevalence of disrespect and abuse requires tools and approaches that can be standardized to generate comparable evidence across different contexts. TRAction’s strategic focus in this area is on determining methods and developing tools to measure the construct of disrespect and abuse as outlined in the Bowser and Hill Landscape Analysis. This includes measurement approaches for research on disrespect and abuse (e.g., surveys, interviews, focus group discussions) and for routine monitoring and data collection to determine indicators for health management information systems.  

TRAction works with partners on testing and validating best approaches for measuring disrespect and abuse and determining prevalence estimates. Ultimately, the goal is to develop key indicators for use in research and service delivery and standardized methods for collecting data on these indicators to enable measurement of prevalence on a broad scale that can be promoted by global normative bodies like the World Health Organization.


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