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Policy Brief: Opening the Black Box: Provider Response to RBF Incentives for Quality in Senegal

RBF programs in health are driven by the assumption that healthcare service providers will respond to financial incentives on the quantity and quality of care they provide. Increases in quantities of services provided and gains in scores on quality measures show that providers respond to the incentives.

Senegal Country Case Study on Quality of Care in Performance-Based Incentives Programs

As part of a global review of quality of care in PBI programs, the USAID|Translating Research into Action (TRAction) Project and ThinkWell have produced a series of five case studies examining how and to what extent quality has been incentivized within PBI programs in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Malawi, Mozambique, Nigeria, and Senegal. The subject of this case study is a Results-Based Financing (RBF) program in Senegal, funded by USAID and the World Bank, and implemented the Ministry of Health (MOH) with support from Abt Associates.

Study Summary: Performance-Based Incentives Research, Enhancing Quality Assessment Instruments within Senegal’s Performance-Based Incentives Program

This document summarizes a TRAction-funded study that aims to improve the existing primary-care level quality assessment instrument and develop a secondary-level instrument within Senegal's performance-based incentives (PBI) program. Results for Development and the Dutch Royal Tropical Institute (KIT) are implementing this study. 


While Senegal has made great health improvements in the past few decades, both fertility rates and maternal mortality rates remain high. The maternal mortality ratio in Senegal in 2015 was 315 per 100,000 live births. 

TRAction is working on Results-Based Management and Integrated Community Case Management in Senegal.

Source: World Bank dataset

Costing of iCCM

Research Overview

In March 2011, an award was made to Management Sciences for Health (MSH) to develop and test an iCCM cost and financing tool based on research in Malawi, Rwanda, and Senegal.


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