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Task Sharing Effort Brief

This brief entitled “Task Shifting & Sharing: Training Associate Clinicians to Provide Emergency Obstetric Care” provides an overview of four implementation research studies that have been conducted in four African countries, each with a different context and approach to implementing its task sharing program.

Quality and safety of integrated community case management of malaria using rapid diagnostic tests and pneumonia by community health workers

The objective was to assess the quality and safety of having community health workers (CHWs) in rural Zambia use rapid diagnostic tests (RDTs) and provide integrated management of malaria and pneumonia. In the context of a cluster-randomized controlled trial of two models for community-based management of malaria and/or non-severe pneumonia in children under 5 years old, CHWs in the intervention arm were trained to use RDTs, follow a simple algorithm for classification and treat malaria with artemether–lumefantrine (AL) and pneumonia with amoxicillin.

Task Shifting: Good for Women, But What about the Providers?

On October 21, 2015, Shanon McNab of Columbia University's Averting Maternal Death and Disability (AMDD) gave this presentation at the Global Maternal Newborn Health Conference in Mexico City. 


Zambia suffers from a combination of key threats in child health, nutrition, HIV and AIDS, quality basic education, water, sanitation and hygiene, education and child protection. The country has high levels of HIV/AIDS and other infectious diseases, a large number of orphans and vulnerable children, unacceptable infant and maternal mortality rates, and an average fertility rate of 5.9 per woman. Zambia has a high neonatal, infant and childhood mortality as well as high maternal mortality rates.

Task Sharing: Zambia and Kenya

Research Overview

TRAction’s sub-awardee Columbia University's Averting Maternal Death and Disability Program (AMDD) is utilizing case study methodology and landscape analysis to document the process of implementing task sharing to strengthen health system capacity and increase the provision of and access to life-saving emergency obstetric care (EmOC), particularly emergency Caesarean section. Partners from Chainama College of Health Sciences (Zambia) and Community Health Promotion Kenya conducted the in-country research.


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