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Young people in Malawi make up a significant proportion of the population, increasing the rate of negative sexual and reproductive health outcomes; such as unwanted pregnancies, sexually transmitted infections, and HIV/AIDS. Life for many children and women in Malawi is characterized by poor access to healthcare and a high incidence of diarrhea, malaria and other communicable diseases. Malnutrition levels have remained high for over a decade and 46 % of children under the age of five are stunted.

Maternal and childhood mortality is another issue Malawi faces. Maternal mortality is still among the highest in Africa, with the 2015 maternal mortality ratio at 634 per 100,000 live births. The rate of childhood deaths is also high with an under-5 mortality rate of 64 per 1,000 live births in 2015. In recognition of the high childhood and maternal mortality rates, TRAction is working on improving Health Service Delivery in the East, Central and Southern African Health Community; Integrated Community Case Management, and Incentives for Quality in Malawi.

Sources: Countdown to 2015 and World Bank databank


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