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Payment for Performance: A Health Systems Perspective

Tuesday, November 24, 2021

The USAID|Translating Research into Action (TRAction) Project joined the Performance-Based Financing (PBF) Community of Practice and academic researchers during a three day workshop titled "Payment for Performance: A Health Systems Perspective." The workshop took place outside of Dar es Salaam from November 24th through November 26th.The workshop provided a forum for PBF practitioners and health scientists to discuss country case studies, share best practices regarding PBF program implementation and scale-up, and examine the effect of such programs on health workers and the broader healthy system as a whole. 

Four TRAction-funded RBF studies were presented during the workshop at the following dates and times. 


DateTimeSession TitlePresentations
Tuesday, November 24th11:30-1:00How to Incentivize Quality of Care?
  • How to build quality into the design of RBF schemes--a global analysis. Presented by Erik Josephson, Thinkwell (*)
  • Exploring the impact of performance-based financing on health worker performance in Benin. Presented by Roxanne Kovacs
  • The effect of P4P on the knowledge – practice gap in Tanzania. Presented by Peter Binyaruka, Ifakara Health Institute. 
Wednesday, November 25th11:30-1:00Effects on Health Workers and the Environment
Thursday, November 26th11:30-1:00Measuring Motivation
Series of short presentations illustrating methods and their limitations:
Thursday, November 26th3:30-4:45 PMUnderstanding Pathways

Followed by group discussion and reflection – how can we generate knowledge on the theory of change useful for practitioners and policy makers?

(*) indicates the study is funded by the TRAction Project

Please visit the PBF Community of Practice blog for more details about the conference. The program can be accessed here. 


Research Area: 


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