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Advancing Implementation Research and Delivery Science: TRAction’s participation in a two day meeting at the World Bank

Tuesday, December 8, 2021

As part of the Collaboration for Implementation Research and Delivery Science (IRDS), TRAction participated in a two-day meeting hosted by the World Bank to discuss and prepare for a Lancet Series of Papers on Implementation Research and Delivery Science (IRDS) to improve health in low and middle income countries (LMICs). The meeting convened 27 participants from diverse sectors and various institutions, including international and bilateral health and development agencies, academia, research organizations, international health services NGOs, and other civil society organizations. The meeting was held in Washington DC, from November 16-17, 2015.

Meeting discussions emphasized that IRDS is a growing field which holds great promise. IRDS offers the opportunity to improve people’s health and build responsive health systems. It does this by generating timely evidence to take proven solutions to scale sustainably in different contexts.

The meeting built on the initial concept of the paper series and clarified topics and key themes of the four papers: (i) the importance of IRDS – new imperatives and opportunities; (ii) using science and incentives to change the culture of implementation; (iii) embedded implementation research; (iv) what do we know about how IRDS is used – a systematic review of IRDS in LMICs.

TRAction is spearheading the second paper and working with thought leaders from several organizations to highlight the current opportunity and space for IRDS and showcase the need for implementers to play a key role in this endeavor. We are dedicated to working will the Collaboration and others to produce a paper series to both help legitimize IRDS and push the thinking around how to implement it.  

Learn more about the Collaboration for IRDS here:


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