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Maria Silalahi

Head of Maternal and Child Health Section
NTT Provincial Health Office
Kupang, NTT Province, Indonesia

Maria served as Principal Investigator for a TRAction-funded study focused on equitable access to healthcare in Nusa Tenggara Timur (NTT) Province, Indonesia.

Dr. Silalahi worked as a dentist in a community health center in NTT from 1993-1998. She graduated from Thailand's Mahidol University with a Master in Primary Health Case Management and worked as the head of NTT's Provincial Health Office as head of the Referral Section. She also studied Human Resources Development at Harvard. She has lead the MCH section of the NTT Provincial Health Office since 2010. Dr. Silalahi is currently supervising a TRAction-funded case study examining factors influencing facility-based delivery in Indonesia. To read more about the case study, click here.


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