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Marie Donaldson, MPH, MA

Associate Director for Programs and Knowledge Management
TRAction Project

Marie provides technical support for TRAction's research activities, projects, and report.

Marie Donaldson, MPH, MPA is a public health professional with experience managing and implementing global health programs and research. Currently, Ms. Donaldson serves as the Associate Director for Program Support and Knowledge Management for the USAID-funded Translating Research into Action (TRAction) Project at URC. The TRAction Project focuses on maternal, newborn, and child health in developing countries, and seeks to address the “know–do gap”- the delay between the discovery of effective ways to combat the causes of mortality and morbidity and the application of these proven interventions on a wide scale. In this role, Ms. Donaldson leads the development of knowledge management initiatives and dissemination strategies, including engaging external stakeholders and providing support to the dissemination efforts of individual sub awards and field programs. In addition, she provides technical and operational support to in-country partners to improve the uptake of research translation and build institutional capacity. Ms. Donaldson has experience conducting and managing research on the Young Men’s Health Initiative and the Developing Families Project at Columbia University. Ms. Donaldson has worked in several countries, including the Dominican Republic, Bolivia, South Africa, Malawi, Tanzania, Ghana, Bangladesh, and Indonesia. Ms. Donaldson received her Bachelor’s in Sociology from Ithaca College, her Masters’ in Public Health and Masters’ in Public Administration from Columbia University. She is a native English Speaker and fluent in Spanish.  

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