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Scott Drinkall, MA

Research Analyst
TRAction Project
Scott provides technical support for TRAction's research activities, projects, and reports.

Scott Drinkall, MA, is a social scientist specializing in policy research and analysis for social and environmental sustainability. Mr. Drinkall has provided authoritative advice on legislation regarding water, land, and ocean resources; culture and the arts; Hawaiian affairs; and higher education. He has supported a cultural NGO in rural China providing input on oral history projects and the Center for Social Research and Development in Vietnam. Currently, Mr. Drinkall is a Research Analyst for the TRAction (Translating Research into Action) Project at URC promoting evidence-based interventions for the implementation, scale-up, and sustainability of effective health service delivery and access to skilled care with the objective of reducing maternal and infant mortality. He supports research and evaluation studies by managing sub-awards and developing, reviewing and tracking technical products including the preparation of peer-reviewed journal articles. Additionally, Mr. Drinkall engages in knowledge management and dissemination efforts via international conferences, workshops, Website content, policy briefs, and social media. Mr. Drinkall completed his MA in Geography from the University of Miami with a focus on urbanization in the developing world.


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