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TRAction Engagement at CORE Group Spring 2014 Global Practitioners Conference

Monday, May 5, 2022

TRAction joined over 200 global health practitioners from nearly 100 different organizations for skill building, networking and program learning at CORE Group's Spring 2014 Global Health Practitioner Conference on May 5-9, 2014. The conference explored the "Health for All Starts in the Community" theme through the lens of:

  • universal health coverage,
  • addressing inequities in the health system,
  • linking the community more effectively with the health system, and
  • capitalizing on the role of civil society organizations.

The agenda included facilitated roundtable discussions, sessions covering a wide spectrum of community care topics, and a keynote presentation from Dr. Carissa F. Etienne, Director of the Pan American Health Organization.

As integrated Community Case Management (iCCM), is rooted in the community, the conference offered a good opportunity for TRAction to share preliminary findings from the TRAction iCCM studies and learn how these findings fit into the greater community health landscape. To do this, TRAction disseminated findings by sitting on a panel discussing the latest lessons learned and resources for iCCM monitoring and evaluation, facilitating a New Information Circuit Table around the iCCM project findings, and hosting a marketplace table.  More information on the TRAction iCCM studies can be found here.

Several themes emerged from TRAction's participation in the conference sessions and dissemination activities which reflect gaps in iCCM evidence and opportunities for future research. These include:

  • demand generation activities for iCCM services,
  • effectively engaging policymakers,
  • addressing supply chain issues,
  • motivating community health workers,
  • integrating community health workers into human resource for health policies,
  • strengthening community health programs to strengthen the health system,
  • positioning community health programs as a foundation for universal health care, and
  • improving coordination between communities of practice to meet common community health goals. 


Dissemination Activities at the Conference

Strengthening Monitoring and Evaluation for iCCM - Lesson Learned and Promising Innovations session

This pre-conference session, hosted by the iCCM Task Force, shared examples of how routine monitoring systems have been developed for iCCM and integrated with other systems, how data from routine and periodic sources have been used for decision-making, and how innovative approaches have been developed and applied to improve data quality and use. TRAction added to this discussion as a panelist discussing lessons learned derived from the three iCCM TRAction study findings.

New Information Circuit Table: "A Comprehensive Package: Integrating iCCM Policy Into the Community Health Platform"

During these roundtable discussions, TRAction presented lessons learned from the TRAction iCCM studies for both policy makers and program managers. In discussing these lessons, participants examined how lessons can be applied to strengthen community health service delivery and how study findings may influence the fit of iCCM into the greater community health context.

Marketplace Table

TRAction hosted a marketplace table which provided background materials on TRAction, TRAction studies as well as how to connect to with TRAction news and events. Other technical briefs and materials on University Research Co. projects with a community focus were also available for participants. Two posters were showcased on upcoming journal supplements sponsored by TRAction, 1) "iCCM: A lens on policy development in Sub-Saharan Africa" to be published by Health Policy and Planning (see poster below) and 2) "Advancing Knowledge on Behavior Change Strategies for Increasing Adoption and Sustained Use of Clean Cooking Technologies" to be published by the Journal of Health Communication.

One of the posters on an upcoming TRAction-sponsored Journal Supplement showcased at the marketplace table


The conference closed with a session providing a summary of the iCCM Evidence Review Symposium held in Ghana March 3-5, 2014. The session provided a summary of the current state-of-the-art evidence, best practices, and challenges around iCCM policy change, coordination and implementation throughout 30+ African countries which emerged from the symposium.



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