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Strategies to increase TB case detection in rural Bangladesh focusing on inequities and delays in care-seeking

Research Overview

TRAction is currently funding a research study in Bangladesh exploring the effectiveness of multiple case detection strategies for Tuberculosis (TB) in rural Bangladesh. This cluster randomized controlled trial tests active and semi-active case detection strategies comparing it to the standard of care (passive case detection), and any potential impact on increasing TB case detection in marginalized populations.

Scaling up of management of childhood tuberculosis in Bangladesh

Research Overview

TRAction is funding a study examining the effectiveness of tuberculosis (TB) interventions and services whose aim is to improve case control of tuberculosis in children in Bangladesh.  This implementation research and delivery science study tailored the intervention based on a comprehensive situational analysis conducted at baseline, acknowledging stakeholder involvement as a key component for successful scaling up. 

Assessment of the effect of nutrition education and micronutrient supplementation on the biochemical and immunological markers and quality of life of pulmonary tuberculosis patients in Bangladesh

Research Overview

TRAction is funding research examining the effectiveness of tuberculosis (TB) interventions and services with emphasis placed on improving the nutritional status of TB-positive patients in Bangladesh.  This study examined the difference in quality of life when patients were exposed to nutrition education and/or micronutrient supplementation, specifically zinc and vitamin A. 


In Bangladesh, TRAction is working to address key challenges that threaten to hinder the country’s progress in its fight against Tuberculosis. Rapidly growing urban areas and slums face under-diagnosis and low levels of treatment of sputum positive cases. Rising rates of childhood TB reflect the inattention to its diagnosis and management. All these problems are compounded by poorly resourced government health facilities with little investment in infection control. Additionally, TB services need to be extended to socially disadvantaged, marginalized populations and work places (e.g.



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